What is the game about?

Boys and girls, I am not going to spoil the game by explaining it.

It consists of 7 games featuring 20+ uniquely designed tasks to be completed using items in a non-ordinary way.

An hour of fun to unleash your reasoning skills and discover the wonders of parallel thinking.

What is the theme?

Ladies and gentlemen, Junkyard its the name!
Pure chaos it is!

Besides the fact that most of the items are recycled, there is not a really a defined theme and the tasks seem “apparently random” until everything falls in place.

Note for geeks
Chaos theory states that, “within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems”, there are underlying patterns, feedback, and loops with mind-blowing outcomes…… The butterfly effect.

I like to believe the Junkyard escape room falls in that definition.
Discover how to see things in a new and imaginative way.

How difficult it is?

Mesdames et Messieurs : It is hard, very Hard!
Just kidding.. well, kind of.

Every task is relatively easy but there are so many and so different from each other, that it gets challenging.

But don`t worry besides the standard level we have a ”secure winning” option (good for families with kids) in which we “adapt” the game hints to make sure you complete the game in time, or if you feel brave you can opt for the Extreme version (very hard) in which you`ll be all on your own, and good luck with that.

How you can be so affordable and not lose money.

1) I made the escape room all by myself and spent a fraction of the usual cost.

2) and most important usually every business invests 30% of income in advertising. But my game is so good that I am mainly relying on word of mouth advertising that costs nothing.

3) I am not a greedy corporate that will try to squeeze every penny that can be squeezed out of you.  I am an engineer that loves what he does.